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The Local Foods Crew works to increase awareness of issues within the the college's food system, to cultivate relationships between producers, students, and Dining Services, and to create transparency between Sodexo Dining Services and the student body. The crew members track and record food purchasing patterns in an attempt to identify areas where change would be most effective. It is the crew's job to set goals and implement plans of action that will move the school towards its purchasing goals, which have been outlined in the Sustainable Food Policy and our commitment to the Real Food Challenge.

Each year, we complete an exhaustive "Local Foods Audit" of campus dining services to determine exactly how much of its budget goes to foods grown on campus, locally, and regionally, as well as those with third-party certifications such as organic, fair trade, humane, etc. Results from these audits will be made public in accordance with their completion.


We are also working to compile research on local foods, the WWC food system, and related topics, posting them online for general reference.  Please submit reports like this to us!  Email

One of our overarching goals is to help members of the WWC community become aware of the choices they inherently make each time they eat at campus dining facilities, as well as their everyday lives.



 Fall 2014 Crew: Billie McDowell, Zoe Vero, Lillian Hazen, J.Lee Idemoto, Meagan McDonough