Poverty Simulation


Warren Wilson and UNCA students participated in the first run thorough of the Just Economics Poverty Simulation on September 15, 2009.  The Poverty Simulation is designed to allow participants to experience some of the difficulties that low-income families and individuals face trying to meet their basic needs.  Students chose a family identity, read their family’s profile, and looked over their family’s expenses.  Then, each participant experienced four short “months” during which they were to complete the tasks and meet the expenses of their family.  Participants took preschoolers to childcare, children to school, and went to work, and then tried to pay their housing, grocery, transportation, utilities, and other expenses on their family’s income.   

If you are interested in having Just Economics organize a Poverty Simulation for your class or group, please contact Sarah Osmer of Just Economics at: 828-239-0932 or info@justeconomicswnc.org.