Gender and Women's Studies

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About Gender and Women's Studies

The mission of the Gender and Women's Studies Program is to introduce students to a critical and interdisciplinary perspective on the social construction of gender with opportunities to bring this framework to bear in a variety of areas of study and careers.

The goals of the Gender and Women's Studies Program are the following:

  1. To prepare students to understand a range of disciplinary approaches to the study of gender and women.
  2. To ensure that students have the knowledge and skills needed to analyze women's participation in, transformation of, and contributions to social life.
  3. To prepare students to synthesize information regarding historical and cross-cultural variation of social norms pertaining to gender.
  4. To prepare students to analyze ways in which masculinity and femininity intersect with race, ethnicity, class, and sexuality and understand how power and privilege function in relation to these intersections.
  5. To prepare students to assess and apply the variety of methodological approaches and theoretical perspectives used in Gender and Women's Studies, including the connection between experience and practice.

 Gender and Women's Studies is an interdisciplinary program that offers courses examining the formation of gender and intersections between gender and race, class, ethnicity, and sexuality; introduces students to women's intellectual, social, political, economic, spiritual, and artistic contributions and experiences of women in a variety of historical, global, and cultural contexts; and emphasizes the particular challenges that women face locally and globally. Students wishing to complete a major with a focus on Gender and Women's Studies have the option to major in Sociology and Anthropology with a concentration in Gender and Women's Studies (see section


Gender and Women's Studies Courses Offered Spring 2011

ANT 4XX: Latin American Masculinities

GDS 100: Introduction to Gender and Women's Studies

GDS/SOC 3XX: Social Inequality

SOC 211: Sociology of the Family

SOC 402 Feminist Thought

SOC 410: Directed Research