Submitting a Writing Portfolio (with AP) for CCI Credit

First-year students who have earned a 4 or 5 on the AP Language and Composition (AP Lang/Comp) exam, or a 5 or higher on the IB Higher-Level English exam, may apply for credit for WRI 120: College Composition I, satisfy the College Compostion I graduation requirement, and receive 4 credits toward graduation. The portfolio is an opportunity for a student to demonstrate their range of writing ability and their accomplishment of academic writing. In particular, a student should aim to show how their writing meets the Outcomes of CCI.

Submit your portfolio by the deadline (see below) as 3 attachments (.rtf, .doc, or .docx) by email to Dr. Julie Wilson, Director of the Writing Center & College Composition:

Contents of Portfolio

A 2-3 page reflective analysis that:

  1. Identifies the original context and purpose of each piece of included writing as well as the intended audience of each.
  2. Explains to how your writing demonstrates the Outcomes of CCI.
  3. Speaks to the portfolio as a whole and you as a writer, including how the included writing reflects your writing process, your strengths, and what you still hope to accomplish as a writer.

2 pieces of academic writing:

Submission Deadline & Timeline