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Writing Center
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Warren Wilson College
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Julie Wilson, Director
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Our Work:

Through interdisciplinary tutoring and integration of the Triad, the Writing Center strengthens the liberal arts at Warren Wilson. Our offerings include the following:

  • Laboratory-like setting where 25% of the student body come for peer support in composition and revision, and tutors develop workshops that reach each generation of first-years
  • Writing Fellows program that partners advanced undergraduates with faculty to strengthen writing instruction in the disciplines
  • Publication of Toy Piano, an occasional zine; Auspex: Interdisciplinary Journal of Undergraduate Research; and Peal, a literary journal
  • Partnerships with Steadfast House, Literacy Council, and other community partners to carry out community writing projects
  • Intellectually challenging work environment for exceptional students, with opportunities for undergraduate research
  • Credited courses, one for writers (WRI 105: Weekly Writing Sessions) and one for tutors (WRI 208: Theory and Practice of Tutoring Writing)



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Staff Biographies:



Camilla: Peer Tutor


Emma: Peer Tutor


Emmy: Peer Tutor



Julie: Director of Writing Center & College Composition


M: Peer Tutor


Meredith Leigh: Peer Tutor


Michael: Peer Tutor