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Writing Center
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CPO 6114
Warren Wilson College
P.O. Box 9000
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828-771-3007 (ph)

Julie Wilson, Director
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828-771-5899 (ph)

Welcome to the Writing Center! 

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Our Work:

Through interdisciplinary tutoring and integration of the Triad, the Writing Center strengthens the liberal arts at Warren Wilson. Our offerings include the following:

  • Laboratory-like setting where 25% of the student body come for peer support in composition and revision, and tutors develop workshops that reach each generation of first-years
  • Writing Fellows program that partners advanced undergraduates with faculty to strengthen writing instruction in the disciplines
  • Publication of Toy Piano, an occasional zine; Auspex: Interdisciplinary Journal of Undergraduate Research; and Peal, a literary journal
  • Partnerships with Steadfast House, Literacy Council, and other community partners to carry out community writing projects
  • Intellectually challenging work environment for exceptional students, with opportunities for undergraduate research
  • Credited courses, one for writers (WRI 105: Weekly Writing Sessions) and one for tutors (WRI 208: Theory and Practice of Tutoring Writing)



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Staff Biographies:


Becca: Peer Tutor


 Camilla: Peer Tutor

Eliza: Peer Tutor

 Emma: Peer Tutor

Emmy: Peer Tutor

Galen: Peer Tutor

Julie: Director

Meredith Leigh: Peer Tutor

Michael: Peer Tutor

Milo: Peer Tutor

Quinn: Peer Tutor


Rita: Peer Tutor

Savannah: Peer Tutor

Taylore: Peer Tutor

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Hours and Location:

The Writing Center is located in lower level of the library, in the back right corner. Schedule your appointment here!


6-9 pm

Mondays through Thursdays
8:30 am-noon + 1-5 pm + 6-9 pm

8:30 am-noon + 1-4 pm

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Writing Center Tip Sheets:

Citations & Sources

APA Tips

MLA Tips

Chicago Formatting and Citation

Direct Quotes and Paraphrases


Basic Elements of Academic Papers

Research Papers: Tackling Common Problems During Revision

Working Thesis Statements

Tips for Conclusions

Annotated Bibliographies


Paper Structure


Preliminary Outline (before drafting)

Reverse Outline (between drafts)


Writing in Disciplines

Tips and Guidelines for Chemistry Lab Reports

Tips for Art History Papers

Tips for Philosophy Papers

Research Proposals


 Grammar and Punctuation

Gender-Neutral Language

Dependent Vs. Independent Clauses

The Semicolon

The Colon

The Comma

The Dash 

Transition Words


Tools for a Writing Life

The Demons of Writing Anxiety

Tips for Managing Projects

10 Steps on the Road to Revising Your Creative Writing

Literary Journal Tip Sheet

Fall 2014 One-Page Calendar




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