Sociology and Anthropology Faculty

Christey Carwile

Carwile, Christey L. (Ph. D., Southern Illinois University at Carbondale)
Areas:  Sub-Saharan African Culture; African Perspectives on Gender; Gender and Women's Studies; Culture and Religion.

Ben Feinberg

Feinberg, Benjamin (Ph. D., University of Texas at Austin)
Areas: Latin American Culture; Peoples of Mexico and Guatemala; American Subcultures; Social Theory.

Siti Kusujiarti

Kusujiarti, Siti (Ph. D., University of Kentucky)
Areas:  Societies of Southeast Asia; Gender and Development in Indonesia; Sociology of Development; Environmental Sociology.

David Moore

Moore, David G. (Ph. D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
Areas:  Native Americans of the Southeast; Archaeology of World Cultures; Archaeological Research; Physical Anthropology.

Laura Vance

Vance, Laura L. (Ph.D., Simon Fraser University)
Areas:  Social Inequality; Sociology of the Media; Sociology of Religion; Feminist Thought; Gender Studies.