The Third Annual

Academic Capstone Carnival

Warren Wilson College | May 2-3 2011

Warren Wilson College is known for the Triad of Academics, Work, and Service. Since every college in America has an academic program, in practice this often means that we get a lot more attention for those features that make us distinctive—work and service.These legs of the Triad are featured in several of our key community rituals—Work Day, celebrated every spring, and Service Day, which marks the end of orientation week and the beginning of every student’s Warren Wilson career. But Warren Wilson’s academic program, like the Triad, is distinctive.

By the time our students graduate, many of them will have invested countless hours in a special, creative, and incredibly ar- duous capstone experience. These range from the semester-long field placements for our future teachers and social workers, to the scientific experiments in the labs of Bannerman, to the creative projects of our writing and art majors, to the ethnographic and survey studies carried out by our anthropologists and sociolo- gists that take them deep into the varied communities of Western North Carolina.

A little-known secret about Warren Wilson College is that many of our students produce work at the undergraduate level that normally could not be conceived until the Master’s level, at least. Several in the last few years have published this research in peer- reviewed journals. Others, who have gone on to graduate school, have pointed out how much better prepared they were than other new grad students because they went to Warren Wilson. They had not only read about all this stuff; they had already done it.; they had already been transformed from students into scholars. The Warren Wilson Academic Capstone Carnival celebrates and shares the outstanding scholarship practiced in our community.