Training Information

OSHA Training

Every student coming into the college is required to attend the mandatory Work Program Orientation as part of their New Student Orientation. OSHA requires every new student to receive the health and safety information given in this seminar. Students not in compliance may not be allowed to work, which will lead to under-time hours. If a student accrues more than 10 hours under-time, this will lead to work probation and possibly suspension from the college. Students needing the training should call the OST Director (ext. 3017) to schedule training.

Click here for online safety training on moodle.


Crew Safety Training

Specific safety training for the use of equipment and operation of tools are given at the crew level. Most safety trainings are performed by Kara Franke (our OST Director) durning a scheduled training session on Wednesday evenings, while others are given by the crew supervisor.


RD/RA Safety Training

RD/RA safety training occurs during the training period preceding the start of fall semester and will be coordinated through the Residence Life office.

CPR/First Aid Training

The American Red Cross Standard First Aid training and certification is available to Warren Wilson crews whose job requires CPR Training and Trip Leaders, at no cost. The training includes Adult CPR (2 year certification) and First Aid (3 year certification). Certification will be given upon satisfatory completion of the classe/es. Participants may take both of the classes or may attend only the training needed, depending on their current level of certification. 

14 Passenger Van Training

You must be 19 years old and have a valid state driver's license with a minimum of two years driving experience and no serious or multiple moving violations. 14 passenger van training is conducted by a professional instructor. To begin the proscess, your supervisor will email the Motor Pool to request you become licensed You will be noticfied by the Motor Pool when your training is scheduled.

Safe Backing

Standard Hand Signals

Chainsaw Safety Training

Chainsaw training is scheduled by the supervisors of Forestry, Farm and Landscaping.


Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS)

If you have not yet received the GHS training please contact Kara Franke to schedule a time for the training.

If you need to print out labels to bring your chemicals to code please use the link here.


Safety and Training Materials

Safety Training Attendance Form


For all other training questions, please contact the OST Director, Kara Franke, at ext. 3017 or



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