Kara Franke, MPH

Director of Occupational Safety & Training
Ext. 3017

Kara is the Director of Occupational Safety and Training for Warren Wilson College; she is originally from Wisconsin but recently moved to North Carolina from Colorado. Her background includes campus safety (University of Colorado - Denver) and occupational health consulting. She leads and promotes safety and health efforts and ensures that the college and the work program are in compliance with OSHA standards. Outside of work, Kara enjoys hiking, camping, bike riding, and exploring Asheville's food scene. Her favorite book is The Road, and her favorite movie is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.





Nicco d'Alelio

First year student

Nicco is on the safety crew and OSHA certified. He is from Roanoke, Viriginia and is glad to be in a place where he doesn't have to say goodbye to the mountains. His job is to make sure ya'll are having safe fun while at work. When not in the office Nicco likes to socialize and take the bus to Asheville. After he empties his pockets downtown he can be found either doing his homework, eating/making pasta, or watching a Disney movie.