Safety Committee

Mission statement: Warren Wilson College is committed to having a safe and healthy campus for all our faculty, staff, students and visitors. Injury and illness losses due to hazards are needless, costly, and preventable. To help minimize these losses, a Campus Safety Committe is established. Faculty, staff, and student involvment in safety, environmental, hazardous communication, accident prevention, and emergency response to and support of the Campus Safety Committee members and activities is necessary to ensure a safe and healthful campus for everyone.

The Safety Committee meets monthly, on the first Thursday of the month. The committee is responsible for workplace safety and compliance issues, including the written safety program, accident investigation, and training recommendations.

If you have a safety concern on campus that cannot be resolved through Student Life or your supervisor, you may contact one of the following Safety Committee members for the Safety Committee to review your case during the next meeting.

Current Members: Kara Franke, Megan Letchworth, Mara McLaughlin-Taylor, Caleb Mende, Terry Payne, Tom Wilder, and Joseph Young



Mende, Caleb Donald
Interim Assistant Landscaping Supervisor
box: 6075
phone: 2868
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 Young, Joseph G
Chemistry Laboratory Manager
box: 6127
phone: 3779
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McLaughlin-Taylor, Mara A
Service Program Manager
box: 6326
phone: 3065
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Letchworth, Megan A
Area Coordinator - Health Educator
box: 6307
phone: 2071
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Wilder, Thomas Perry
Assistant Supervisor of Building Services for Housekeeping
box: 6251
phone: 2033
twilder@warren-wilson.eduBio Page


Payne, Terry W.
Director of Public Safety
box: 6185
phone: 3029
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Wise Up. Suit Up. Clean Up.