Natural Science Seminars1997
Fall, 1997
Spring, 1998
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Warren Wilson College
Bannerman Lecture Hall, 4:00 pm
Aug. 25 Triad Day - no meeting for NSS

Sept. 1 Schedule Confirmation

Sept. 8 Faculty Presentation, Dr. Louise Weber, Shorebird Conservation in Coastal Wetlands

Sept. 15 Anthony Dowdle, The Effect of 3A Tryclopyr on Cut Stems of Oriental Bittersweet (Celastrus orbiculatis Thunb .). Advisor: Dr. William C. Davis

Sept. 22 Ben Kershner, A Study of Virginia Pine near Berea Creek. Advisor: Dr. William C. Davis

Sept. 29 TBA

Oct. 6 Dr. Roger Bacon, Guest Lecturer, Professor of Chemistry, Western Carolina University, Environmental Applications of Computer Interfacing.

Oct. 13 Jacob Nygaard, Comparison of Northern Bobwhite Quail (Colinus Virginianus) Performance on Diets based onCorn and Pearl Millet. Advisor: Dr. Victoria Collins

Oct. 20 Fall Break

Oct. 27 Kerry Shepherd, Cadmium Analysis in Tobacco . Advisor: Dr. Victoria Collins

Oct. 30 Thursday, Scheduling meeting for 1998-99 seminars in Morse 23, 4:00 PM

Nov. 10 Michal Vojtisek-Lom, Alumni Lecture, Master of Science Candidate in Chemical Engineering, University of Pittsburgh, Alternative Fuels and Vehicle Exhaust Emissions.

Nov. 3 Bebecca Conroy, Sourwood: Distinctive Floral Honey.

Nov. 17 Jenna Kirby, The Effect of Water Soluble Extracts of Echinacea on Hyalouronidase. Advisor: Dr. C.L. Swendsen

Nov. 24 Ellen Wade, Age Structure and growth of an excessive patch of Rhododendron (Rhododendron Maximum).

Dec. 1 Kate Foster, Oxidation of Fats in Conventional and Organic Foods. Advisor: Dr. Victoria Collins

Dec. 8 Tommy Gore, Remediation of Water Contaminated with Heavy Metals. Advisor: Dr. Dean Kahl

Dec. 15 Brock Morgan, The Chemistry of Oral Bacteria . Advisor: Dr. Victoria Collins

Warren Wilson College
Bannerman Lecture Hall, 4:00 pm

Jan 19 Martin Luther King, Jr. Convocation. No Seminar

Jan. 26 Christine Hamilton, Environmental Factors Affecting the Foraging Success of Common Terns (Sterna hirundo), Advisor: Mr. Reed Rossell

Feb. 2 Ginevra Clark, Nitration of Aniline in Sulfuric and Nitric Acids. Advisor: Dr. Dean C. Kahl.

Feb. 9 Jason Kraska, Computer-based Energy Measurements of Rorsional Bond Rotation in Halide Substituted Ethane. Advisor: Dr. Dean C. Kahl.

Feb. 16 Cortney Gunsauls, Determining the Bioavailability of Zinc: Analysis of Vegetarian and Omnivorous Diets for Zinc and Phytate. Advisor: Dr. Vicki Collins

Feb. 23 Megan Tremper, A Behavioral Study of Cattle Weaning involving the WWC HerdAdvisor: Dr. Robert A. Eckstein

Mar. 2 Kerry Matthews, The Effect of Human Interaction on Heifer Behavior during Halter Breaking. Advisor: Dr. Robert A. Eckstein

Mar. 9 Alice Owsley, Comparison of Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) Diets in Fed versus Unfed Sections of a Southern Appalachian Stream. Advisor: Dr. Mark Brenner.

Mar. 16 Spring Break

Mar. 23 Colleen Moulton, Alternative Farrowing Methods in the Warren Wilson Swine Herd. Advisor: Dr. Paul Bartels and Dr. Robert A. Eckstein.

Mar. 30 Sara Legatski, The Determination of the Capacities of an Indirect, Through-Pass Solar Dryer. Advisor: Dr. James Houser.

Apr. 6 Marcie McElveen, The Low Temperature Growth of the Dogwood Anthracnose Pathogen, Discula destructiva Red.  Advisor: Dr. C. L. Swendsen

Apr. 13 Stephanie Freel, Alumna Seminar, SLPI and HIV-1:
a Gene Therapy Approach.  Stephanie is a 1996 WWC graduate.

Apr. 20 Brooke Schwabenton, Diurnal Patterns of Cryptosporidium sp. Oocyst Shedding in the Warren Wilson College Cattle Herd Advisor: Dr. Robert A. Eckstein.

Apr. 27 Vito Di Bona, An Investigation Into Tensegrity Structures. Advisor: Dr. Frederick Solomon.

May 4 Mercy Mwanike, Hair Straightening and its Affect on Hair Fibers. Advisor: Dr. Dean C. Kahl.

May 11 Megan Davies, Tropical Reforestation: Methods of Regeneration on a Bracken-dominated Slope in Costa RicaAdvisor: Dr. William C. Davis.