Student:________________________  Date:________________


RESEARCH TOPIC   Is there a clear indication of the purpose for this study.  Is the study appropriate for a student research project?  A low-level travelogue, ideological diatribe, or a family campfire talk is not appropriate. Is the abstract clear and concise?

SCIENTIFIC MERIT  was the project conceived and conducted in an organized way?  Did the investigator employ logical reasoning, critical thinking, use of the scientific method, and absence of overt bias?  Are the assumptions clear?   Is there a hypothesis statement or clearly stated goal?  Are statistics used properly?  Is there a conclusion and does it fit the data presented?

BACKGROUND, INTRODUCTION, AND LITERATURE  Does the presentor give a clear explanation of the scientific principles and processes involved which is understandable to naive viewers?  Is there evidence of a proper literature search and review?  Does the presenter refer to the literature in the talk?

UNDERSTANDING  Does the investigator know what he/she is talking about?  Does he/she handle questions well?  Are the statististics, procedures, and equipment understood?


CLARITY AND PRESENTATION  Is the project presented in a manner that is easily understood and commands the attention of viewers?  Is the investigator properly dressed for a professional meeting?  Does the presenter articulate well, use acceptable language, proper grammar, and avoid extensive use of slang?  Can he/she be heard by the viewers?  Is there effective use of visual aids, handouts, demonstrations etc?

EVALUATOR                          Score (0-100):__________________