Natural Science Seminar Schedule for Fall 2011


Fall, 2011

  Week 1 Aug. 22. Triad Day Meet at  4:30                                    
 Aug. 29, 4:00 Week 2 Jessica Irons - Investigation of Rhodobacter sphaeroides protein function.  Mentor: Dr. Steven Cartier
 Aug. 29, 4:30 Laura Lilley  - The Mutarotation of Glucose in Dimethyl Sulfoxide.  Mentor: Dr. Dean C. Kahl
 Sept. 5 4:00  week 3 - Alumni Seminar - Dr. Ben Stanford - Drugs You Take Don't Really Go Away.
 Sept. 5 4:30 - Poster Session for Summer Research - postponed to later date to be announced.

 Sept. 12 4:00  week 4 . Matt Desaix  Characterization of Groundwater Nitrate around a Waste Lagoon.  Mentor: Dr. Laura Lengnick (on sabbatical).  Introduced by Dr. Mark Brenner.

Sept. 12 4:30 Adama Loos-Diallo  Allelopathic growth stimulation by Glechoma hederacea.  Mentor:  Dr. Michael Torres.
Sept. 13 (Tuesday).  Sigma Xi.  Professor Dave Erb on "Sustainable Transportation - A Future Worth Creating", 7:00 pm Brevard College.  Collins will leave at 5:00.  Dinner at BC. (~$8.00).  Can count as extra attendance credit.
 Sept. 19  4:00 Stacy Edmond  Lead Concentrations Absorbed from Brass and Nickel Plated Keys in Water, Saliva, and Nitric Acid.  Mentors: Dr. Vicki Collins and Linda Block 
4:30 week 5  Phelan O’Connor   The Effectiveness of Raw Milk Whey as a Pasture Fertilizer.  Mentor: Dr. Laura Lengnick  Introduced by Dr. Dave Ellum.
Sept. 26 4:00 (week 6) David Grace  Effect of EFN Removal on Ant Visitation and Damage to Common Vetch (Vicia sativa).  Mentor: Dr. Amy Boyd  

Sept. 26 4:30  Alice Sloan. The Suitability of Lower Peterson Creek (Queensland, Australia) as Habitat for the Platypus, Ornithorhynchus anatinus.  Mentor: Dr. Michael Torres

Oct. 3 4:00 (week 7) Martha Skelley. - Analysis of Apple Blossom Volatile Emissions: Day and Night Concentration Variations   Mentor: Dr. Dean Kahl.
Oct. 3, 4:30 Sunny Cooper. Diversity Patterns of Western North Carolina Songbirds at Feeders Across Three Seasons.  Mentor: Dr. Brian Olechnowski
Thursday, Oct. 6, 7:00 pm  Sigma Xi at UNC-Asheville, Robinson Hall 239.  Dr. Brett Laverty, state hydrologist - Groundwater Pollution in North Carolina.  Collins will leave Spidel at 5:45 - let him know by Wed. if you wish a ride for UNC-A dinner ($8.50)

Oct. 10  4:00 (week 8) Hannah Lauzon - "No Hoof No Horse" - Effects of body weight on sole concavity in Equus ferus caballus.  Mentors: Dr. Bob Eckstein and Dr. Lou Weber

Oct. 10 4:30 Sydney Darden - Observation of Colorado Potato Beetle (Leptinotarsa decemlineata) as Affected by Straw Mulch.  Mentor: Dr. Vicki Collins

Fall Break Oct. 17-21
 Oct. 24 Week 9 4:00.  Alison Larocca  Larvicidal potential of fresh garlic and fresh onion against common mosquito, Culex sp.  Mentor: Dr. Mark Brenner
Oct. 24 4:30  Micah Wiles  Habitat Conditions of Yellow Morels, Morchella esculenta, in Buncombe County, North Carolina.  Mentor: Dr. Mark Brenner
Oct. 31 Week 10 4:00 Tim Comstock   Just an eyesore or toxic waste? Heavy metals in cigarette butts.  Mentor: Dr. Stephen Cartier
Oct. 31 4:30  Jessica Schaner  Untapped Abundance: Antioxidants in Edible Invasive Plants.  Mentor: Dr. Dean Kahl
Nov.  7 Week 11 4:00  Ian Higgins  The Influence of Roads on Watershed Scale Lotic Systems in the Coastal Range of Oregon and Washington.  Mentor: Dr. Brian Olechnowski
Nov. 7 4:30 Charles Moore - Biological efficiency of Pleuretus ostreatus grown on waste paper and spent barley.  Mentor: Dr. Mark Brenner
Thursday, Nov. 10  7:00 pm - Sigma Xi at WWC.  Dr. Kevin Moorhead (WWC Alumnus) - Morse 209
Nov. 14 4:00 week 12  open

Nov. 14 4:30 Open  

Friday Nov. 18 Week 12.  Thesis drafts to mentors.
Nov. 21 4:00 Week 13 Kira Santulli.  Spatial Analysis of Regeneration of Vegetative Communities in Group SelectionMentor: Dr. Dave Ellum
Nov. 21 4:30 Open
Nov. 28 4:00 Week 14  Camille Taylor.  The Incidence of Early Blight (Alternaria solani) and Late Blight (Phytophthora infestans) on Grafted Tomatoes in Western North Carolina.  Mentor: Dr. Amy Boyd
Nov. 28 4:30 Week 14  Laila Ewing - Varied Light Regimes on Growth and Protein Content of the American Groundnut (Apios americana).  Mentor:  Dr. David Ellum
Friday Dec. 2  4:00 pm Week 14.  Theses due to Spidel 205.  Two copies plus Permission to Photocopy
Dec 5, 430 week 15 Choena Galloway.  Effects of Different Soil Environments on Growth and Condensed Tannin Content in AU Grazer Lespedeza cuneata.  Mentor: Dr. Vicki Collins
Dec. 5. 4:00 week15  Gordon Tutor   Kinetics of nano crystalline photocatalysed oxidation of phenol.  Mentor: Dr. Stephen Cartier
 Dec. 12, 4:00 week 16 Lily Walton.  Environmental factors that contribute to the distribution of Cantharellus lateritius in Buncombe County, North Carolina.  Mentor: Dr. Mark Brenner
Dec. 12, 4:30 Melanie Kemp  Palatability and Nutritive Content of Woffia arrhiza for Warren Wilson College Laying Hens.  Mentor: Dr. Vicki Collins