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Schedule - Fall, 2000
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Schedule - Spring, 2001
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Fall, 2000
Aug 21, 2000   Triad Day - no meeting
Aug 28, 2000 4:00 Schedule Confirmation
Sep 04, 2000    
Sep 11, 2000 4:00 Amanda Church, Yucca - a Traditional Food in Hispanic Cultures.  Mentor: Dr. Victoria P. Collins.
  4:30 Career advising for ENS Seniors with Dorothy Herbert
Sep 18, 2000 4:00  
Sep 25, 2000 4:00 Sarah Olliges, Inhibition of weed growth by corn meal, corn gluten meal, wheat gluten meal, and sunflower seed meal.  Mentor: Dr. Mark Boudreau.
Oct 02, 2000 4:00 Juliet Wood, Oxidized Fats in Cat Food.  Mentor: Dr. Victoria Collins
Oct  09, 2000 4:00 Alumni Seminar: Dr. Mark Adams.  Sequencing the Human Genome 
Oct 16, 2000   Fall Break
Oct 23, 2000 4:00 Faculty Seminar: Dawn Nelson, Critters that live on tree bark.
Oct. 26, 2000 4:00 Thurs Scheduling for 2001-2002 seminars.
Oct 30, 2000 4:00 Eri Takai, Visitors Perceptions of and Attitudes toward the Forests - Comparative studies in the U.S. and Japan.  Mentors: Dr. Lou Weber and Dr. William C. Davis
Nov 06, 2000 4:00 Sean Kimmel 
  4:30 Kyla Frohlich, The Effect of Dandelion Extracts on Crown Gall Tumors.  Mentor: Dr. Dean C. Kahl.
Nov 13, 2000 4:00 Ann Maltby
4:30 Katie McCullough, The Effect of Zn Supplementation of Average Daily Gain and Final Weaning Weight of Newborn Piglets.  Mentor: Dr. Robert Eckstein
Nov 20, 2000 4:00 Heather Lounsbury, Use of Bird Boxes by the Eastern Bluebird (Sialia sialis) on Warren Wilson Property.  Mentor: Dr. Lou Weber.
Nov 27, 2000 4:00 Guest Faculty Lecture: Dr. George Ewing, Thin Films of Water.
Dec 04, 2000 4:00 Bryan Petit, Mathematical Modeling of Tree Growth to Determine the Consistency of Annual Volume Formation.Mentors: Dr. William C. Davis and Dr. Mark Brenner.
Dec 11, 2000    

Spring, 2001
Jan 22, 2001   Titles, syllabus, confirmation of schedule
Jan 29, 2001 4:00 Jennifer Ousley, Population Genetics of Caracal caracal damarensis.  Mentor: Dr. Jeff Holmes
Feb 05, 2001 4:00 Sky Stephens, Analysis of the Defensive Secretions of Xystomodidae Millipede. Mentor: Dr. Dean Kahl
Feb 12, 2001 4:00 Megan Wedding, The Effect of Intercropping on the Yields of Corn (Zea mays L.) and Peanuts (Arachis hypogaea L.).  Mentor: Dr. Mark A. Boudreau.
Feb 19, 2001 4:00 Adam Wallace, Does Supplemental Food Effect the Diet Preferences of Rainbow Trout (Onchorynchis mykiss) in Looking Glass Creek?Mentor: Dr. Mark Brenner.
  4:30 Jeremy Schewe, A Comparison of Root Yield of Cultivated versus Wild-crafted Goldenseal, Hydrastis canadensisMentor: Dr. Mark A. Boudreau.
Feb 26, 2001 4:00 Erin Ackerman, Effects of Radio-collared Transmitters on the Behavior of Northern Saw Whet Owls, Aegolius acadicus. Mentors: Ms. Corrie Williams and Dr. Lou Weber.
Mar 05, 2001 4:00 Saleem Penny,  3-Methylhistidine in Urine.  Mentor: Dr. Victoria Collins
  4:30 Jammie Kohen, The Effects of Hypoxia on the Epifaunal Community of the Rhode River. Mentor: Dr. Paul Bartels.
Mar 12, 2001 4:00 Autumn Sorensen, Fatty Acid Composition of Grass-finished and Grain-finished BeefMentor: Dr. Robert Eckstein.
  4:30 Erin McNally, Sensory Evaluation and Comparison of Grass-finished vs. Grain-finished Warren Wilson Beef.  Mentor: Dr. Victoria P. Collins
Mar 19, 2001   Spring Break
Mar 26, 2001 4:00  
Apr 02, 2001 4:00 April Morgan, Corrosion Testing of ANL Ceramic Waste Form using Non-complexing pH Buffers. Mentors: Dr. Lester R. Morse and Dr. Victoria P. Collins.
Apr 09, 2001 4:00 Mika Tanioka, The Toxicity of the Ethanol Extract of Black Pepper, Piper nigrum, on Fruit Fly, Drosophila melanogaster.  Mentor: Dr. Dean C. Kahl.
Apr 16, 2001 4:00 John Matte, Modeling the Formation of Photochemical Smog using MATHCAD.  Mentor: Dr. Dean C. Kahl.
Apr 23, 2001 4:00 Dawn Hurley, Amino Acid Composition of Food supplements.  Mentor: Dr. Victoria P. Collins
  4:30 John Ekong, A Comparitive Study between the Vitamin A content in Spinach and a Nigerian Vegetable (Nkung).  Mentor: Dr. Victoria P. Collins.
Apr 30, 2001 4:00 Ronald Sebilo-Tibbits, Modeled Response of a Simplified Enclosure to Acoustical Signals (Noise in a Box).  Mentors: Dr. Alan Coppens and Dr. Donald F. Collins.
  4:30 Claude Kuzviwanza, Non-point Source Pollution and Bacterial Levels in the WWC Swimming Pond.  Mentor: Dr. Jeff Holmes
May 07, 2001    
May 14, 2001