Meet The Students

Elisa Litsky


Being religious studies major allows you to academically study something that is so important to people that they want to devote their lives to it, and something so integral to cultures of the world that they cannot really be separated from it. For me, looking at religion is about looking at people through the deep connection that they have with themselves, the people around them, and the world around them, and through that indescribable thing called spirituality. Warren Wilsonís religion department is both challenging and comfortable because of its very small size and small number and areas of classes offered. It has been difficult because of the necessity to start at the beginning again with every class because of all of the newcomers to religion that take it, but has also given me the space to do things like study in Thailand for a semester, and focus on other aspects of academics at Warren Wilson that I am interested in. Teachers have helped me to challenge many of my views and opinions on the world and learn to form ideas and concepts into papers and discussions that I proud of and feel have a place in the greater field of religious studies.

Alicia Safdie

My name is Alicia Safdie and this is my fifth year at Warren Wilson College. Like many freshman, I didn't know what subject I wanted to major in when I arrived. After my first two years I reflected and realized that I had voluntarily taken five religion courses. A light bulb went on. The following year the Religious Studies major was made official and I watched one of my classmates graduate as the first Religious Studies major at Warren Wilson College. Jeanne and Hun have worked together to make a well rounded program that balances critical thinking, textbook learning, and 'real life' applications. They also have the aide of two wonderful professers J. Michael Clark and John Kuykendall. The only warning I will give to those interested in this major is be prepared to buy a larger bookshelf, because after reading them, you wont want to sell any of your text books back to the school.