The Religious Studies Department


The Department of Religious Studies provides students with the opportunity to explore and examine a variety of religious traditions through critical but sensitive engagements with the diversity of beliefs, practices, histories, cultures, literatures, and social structures found within these traditions. In an increasingly interconnected world, this program is designed to help students to recognize, interpret, and decipher religion, religiosity, and religious issues as they relate to urgent personal, local, and global issues. The inter-disciplinary nature of Religious Studies places it in a unique position to attract students with a wide range of career and vocational plans including ministry, social work, education, law, foreign service, international business, NGO's, government, media, teaching, and research.

All courses in Religious Studies meet the General Education Requirement in Religion/Philosophy. The program offers a major and a minor and encourages students to consider double majoring. The program is particularly suited to meet the aims of several components of the college's mission and long range plans: the need to understand a variety of cultures and common human and environmental concerns; the appreciation of diversity; opportunities for cross-cultural experience and understanding; promotion of skills for purposeful and effective contribution to society; and the integration of service with study and reflection on underlying causes of social problems and potential solutions.

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