Recycled Art Show 2012

When: Tuesday, February 28th at 8 PM in Sage Cafe.

What: Art made from recyclables and/or recyclable materials (get creative. go wild. imagine. invent. yeah).

Who: YOU! and the spectacular, incredible, wonderful, amazing, judges: Jessica Foster, Tom LaMuraglia, Scott Fair, and Eric Baden!

Juding Criteria: Recyclability, Functionality, Aesthetics, and Craftsmanship.

Mediums: 2D, 3D, and other (you know, for the real imaginative ones).

How: Step 1) think of an idea. Step 2) get an entry form and fill it out (see attached PDF and/or visit the recycling center). Step 3) fill it out. Step 4) turn it into recycling by 5 PM on Friday, February 24th.

***Bring your art work to Sage Cafe by 8 PM on Monday, February 27th.

THEN: Go to the art show and listen to some sweet tunes (live music), eat some delicious snacks, check out the sweet stuff your peers thought up, and have a blast and a half!!

$$$---PRIZES---$$$: Individual winners of each medium will recieve a $25 gift certificate to a local business. Overall winner (the best out of all three mediums) will recieve a $100 reinbursement for a prize of your choice that does not create waste (tattoos, concert tickets, etc.)