Recycled Products Made on Campus

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The Recycling Crew at Warren Wilson is constantly trying to think of new ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle.  One of the more creative ways we have come up with is to make notebooks, jewelry, and bags out of materials that come from of our community's trash. 


You can purchase a recycled notebook, jewels, or trash couture bag by simply asking a Recycling crewmember to look at what we have. We also sell items at the Garden Market on occasion and at campus events such as Festival on the Field and the Winter Sale.  The books are $3 to $5 each and the bags range from $7 to $20. We try to keep the prices low to encourage our community to buy things made out of recycled material instead of encouraging the creation of new garbage.

Check out this wonderful story about Trash Bagz from Keri!

"Hello Recycling Crew & Jessica, I just wanted to share a funny little story with you, about you. A few minutes ago I was in the bookstore looking for gifts when Kendra Powell yelled from across the store "hey look at this purse made by the recycling crew". I gazed over and burst out laughing.... the purse is made of old jeans and off-white material with very colorful red, blue, green, and orangeish almost butterfly shapes as the pattern. A blue-grey belt is the strap. I just wanted to let you know I gave that material to your beloved free store a few weeks ago during a MAD cleaning frenzy. The material came from Ghana, West Africa. I purchased it when I was in the Peace Corps in '96, right after I graduated from WWC. I bought the material at an open-air market full of used clothing... so who knows where it originally came from! For almost 2 years I used the colorful material in my little house, in the village of Daffiama, as a curtain. Anyway I was really glad to see it had been turned into a purse.

Yeah, Recycling Crew! Love, Keri"