recycle guys and the Recycle Guys is a comprehensive website dealing with recycling and greening issues throughout North Carolina. At this site you can find out everything from how to recycle at home to what local businesses recycle and much much more. The North Carolina Division of Pollution Prevention and Environmental Assistance (DPPEA) is also responsible for the Recycle Guys campaign. This is a program designed to educate children about the benefits of recycling and encouraging kids to recycle at home. The program has enjoyed great success so far. Even our own WWC Recycling crew members have been going to local elementary and pre-schools with the Recycle Guys campaign to help promote recycling. Check out the site and learn more about recycling in North Carolina than you ever hope to imagine.



Curbside Management of Asheville


An Employee of Curbside Management

For those of you who are off campus students or faculty at WWC, this site may be of some interest for you. Here you will find the Recycling pick up schedule for all of Asheville, Black Mountain, Fletcher, Hendersonville and Weaverville. You can also find out what Curbside will and will not recycle. You'll also be able to find out where local drop off centers are. Curbside also posts bulletins concerning bad weather and special holiday conditions.



Want to recycle the piece of junk you're looking at this web page with? Goodwill and Dell have partnered up to recieve and recycle old monitors, CPU's and other computer parts.  Check out the link above to find a drop-off site near you!





We send "trash" to TerraCycle and they turn the waste into a wide variety of products and materials.  Their goal is to eliminate the idea of waste.  Items we send them include candy wrappers, granola/energy bar wrappers, and corks. 



A Kid's Guide to Recycling Glass and Plastic

A great resource for the small recyclers in your life.  This is a quick guide that describes glass and plastic recycling in a way that is easy for children to understand.  It also has many links to fun recycling activities!


Waste Reduction Partners

waste reduction

So That's What Happened to Old Schafer

The WRP Mission: To work for a sustainable economy, healthy environment, and a better quality of life by helping WNC businesses, industries, institutions, and government entities reduce waste and utilize natural resources efficiently. Waste Reduction Partners is an available for contract recycler. That means they are an on site waste management team. The great thing is, they do it for no cost to business that have outstanding recycling records in the region. Go to this link to find out what current projects they are working on. WRP is a great influence for environmental change and sustainability among local businesses.



Carolina Recycling Association

carolina Rrecycling


The CRA is one of the leading organizations in recycling in North and South Carolina. It acts as a unifying body for most the major recyclers in the two states. It also provides comprehensive information concerning current recycling events. Also, if you become a member you can shop their online store for everything from composting supplies to CRA hats and sweatshirts!

National Recycling Coalition



The NRC site is chock full of information concerning recycling on a national level. Find out about Nike's re-use a shoe program and other major corporations recycling habits. You can also access information about recycling statistics in the US. This is a great place to visit if you have any doubt that recycling actually works. Show it to your friends who claim that recycling doesn't actually do anything. Or just mess around and learn about such things as how much office paper is wasted a year or the benifits of aluminum recycling.


Asbestos Disposal Information



Cooking Oil Recycling Program

The Cooking Oil Recycling Program is a pilot project for providing used oil recycling services to Asheville and surround cities. Funded by the Biofuels Center of North Carolina, the COR program is the first of its kind within the region. Recycling your used cooking oil reduces waste, improves air quality, and creates clean energy in our local community.

The Metropolitan Sewerage District (MSD) of Buncombe County, in collaboration with Blue Ridge Biofuels and Green Opportunities (GO), needs your help to keep used cooking oils and greases out of the sewers and landfill and divert them into biodiesel production to be sold back to the community as clean, renewable fuel.

Locally-made recycling bins for used cooking oil are being placed across the City of Asheville and neighboring counties.


Helpful Tips For Recycling!

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