Warren Wilson College

Recycling and Waste Reduction


The mission of the Warren Wilson College Recycling Crew is to provide the campus with effective and innovative recycling, composting and waste disposal services and to reduce the volume and environmental impact of waste generated on campus. We strive to run an efficient and environmentally sound operation, to educate the community about effective resource use, and to inspire the community to find creative alternatives to unsustainable consumption patterns.

What We Do

A crew of 18-25 students is responsible for collecting and managing over 45 recyclable materials, operating a Free Store and wood shop, composting campus food waste, disposing of solid waste, researching and implementing new waste reduction programs, and educating the campus about waste-related issues.



Sorry, we are not open to the public.  Click here for Recycling Drop Off locations.


Contact us:

Jessica Foster
WWC Recycling & Waste Reduction
CPO # 6216
PO Box 9000
Asheville, North Carolina 28815
Phone: 828-771-2035
Fax: 828-298-8685
Email: recycle@warren-wilson.edu