Warren Wilson College Free Store

Since its inception in 1999, the Warren Wilson Free Store has grown from one rusty shelf of items to an ever-expanding sea of treasures! Thanks to the overwhelming support of the Warren Wilson Community, the FreeStore has been a huge success. In FY 2008-2009 alone, over 19,000 items were taken from the FreeStore! 


Free store

Making a mess isn't even fun

What is the Free Store?

Check out this video explanation that we made for freshmen!

In our never-ending search to divert waste from the landfill, the Warren Wilson community established a shelf where community members could leave things that they didn't want that were still usable.  Community members could then take things from the shelf for free.  This exchange shelf soon grew into what is now known as our Free Store when the Recycling Warehouse was built in 2000.  Our Free Store is now a fully functioning "re-use" store.  People can drop off items they no longer want at our free store table (right outside the Free Store entrance) and they are sorted into the Free Store, or, when there is an abundance of goods we donate excess to a local homeless shelter and to a thrift store.

The Free Store is especially useful during the end of the year move-out, when students tend to discard many of their possessions collected throughout the year.  Instead of throwing all these items away where they would end up in a landfill (like most US Colleges and Universities) we try to divert that re-usable waste and put it back into use, while at the same time encouraging people to consume less.

Where is the Free Store?

The Free Store is located at the recycling warehouse down by the farm, across the street from the garden. To enter the Free Store go in through the door to the left of the Recycling office.

What can I get at the Free Store?

You can get anything that people drop off there. Books, CDs, clothes, canned food, silverware, shoes, dishes, etc... There are always strange and wonderful things in the Free Store. So if your thinking that you need school supplies or a new pair of jeans or anything else for that matter, come down to the Free Store and see if you can't save a couple of bucks while at the same time saving more things from going to the landfill.

Someone told me that it's fun to trash the Free Store - is that true?

The short answer to that is, NO! It's not fun the trash the Free Store. It's especially not fun for the RSW members to clean up your mess. Please be respectful of the Free Store and don't throw stuff around - if you are inclined to rummage around through the enormous box of bras we have, please put any back that happen to fall out of the box. Same goes for all the clothing items.

Free store

Why does that bottle say 'DIE'?

What kind of stuff should I drop off at the Free Store?

If you have some stuff you want to get rid of, no matter what it is, and you think that someone else might still be able to use / salvage it, bring it down. Use your common sense on this one. If you've got a bag full of underwear that is (ahem) stained or undesirable maybe it's not such a good idea to leave it for the Free Store. On the other hand if you've got an awesome Armani suit that you only wore once to a dinner party with David Bowie and you don't have any use for it now, bring it on down. Just don't leave bags of garbage in for the Free Store. No one wants your garbage and if they do they can go to the landfill. Empty pizza boxes are not Free Store worthy.

What are the hours of the Free Store?
There are no set FreeStore hours.  We are open whenever the crew is working.  That is typically M-F 8-12 and 1-5, but NOT always the case. The Free Store is not open on weekends.

I don't go to WWC, can I still come to the Free Store?

Here's the deal - only WWC community members, and their guests, are allowed in the Free Store Please do not exploit the awesomeness of the Free Store.

Free store


Free Store Awesomeness

There is a piece of furniture I want and it's too big to take myself - what do I do?

If you find a couch, chair, bookshelf or other large piece of furniture in the Free Store, tell a recycling crew member that you want it and we'll tag it for you and deliver it for you. Keep in mind that we are sometimes very busy and we may not get around to delivering your item until a few days after you tag it. Sorry, this offer is only for on campus community members only.

I have a large item that I want to give to the Free Store, can you pick it up for me?

Yes we can! Call us at 828-771-2035 and give us your information or leave us a message and we'll come get it as soon as we can. Putting in a work order is also a good idea. Offer for on campus community members only.