The Cob Shed


Recycling Crew's Earthen Building Project


Proposed and designed by student Geneva Bierce-Wilson in 2009.

Seed grant received for a living roof that was installed by Living Roofs, Inc.

After she graduated, Geneva was hired to continue work on the cob structure.

The cob shed was completed in the summer of 2012.


Community Effort

Timber from forestry crew.

Rock base by rock crew (part of landscaping)

Recycling crew members built the cob building using clay dirt from Weaverville, sand from Swannanoa, and straw from the College Farm.

Lots of work done by Campus Support.

Door made by Locksmith.

Lock designed and created by Blacksmith Crew.



The cob shed will be used to store tools for the composting operation at the Recycling Center.
  It also has the potential to serve as an office space for keeping compost records and information.