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2010 - 2015 Strategic Plan & Action Plans

APRIL 23, 2010

The WWC Board of Trustees unanimously approved our 2010-2015 STRATEGIC PLAN at the Board meeting on April 23, 2010.

The plan included an updated Mission Statement, Core Values, Enduring Institutional Objectives, and Vision Statement.  View these items by clicking here to open a new web page.

You may view the plan overview document in Adobe .pdf format by clicking here, or view another presentation on Issuu.com here.

You may read text of the Action Plans in .pdf format here.

The Strategic Plan and Action Plans will be assessed and updated on an annual basis.  Check back here for ongoing updates.



In preparation for the October Board of Trustees' (BOT) meeting, the President's Advisory Council (PAC) prepared an updated list of Action Plans, including a Lead PAC Member and a projected Start Date for each action.  You may view a .pdf copy of this list here.

For the BOT meeting, the PAC also compiled progress notes for each of the action steps that began in Year 1 of the plan (2010-2011).  You may view a list of these notes, which is organized by semester, by clicking here.

The first full annual review report will be presented to the BOT in October 2011.