Slam values & principles

If you want to participate in a slam, bring two pieces of poetry that are each about less than 3 minutes in length.

The second piece is important, since there is a second round for the top scorers.

For that matter, so is the first piece, since you won't advance to the next round if you don't score high.

Scoring: There will be 5 judges selected from the audience & there will be a calibration poet to start the evening.  You will be judged on the strength of your poem and the strength of your performance.  (Memorizing your poems will usually get you a better score)

1st place poet gets $50!

2nd place poet gets $25!

The Slam is first and foremost a place where everybody in the room should feel comfortable.  The audience should have endless support for the performers & the performers should have respect for the audience.

Despite the competition aspect, The Slam is meant to solidify our community-sense.  We've all got something we want to yell at a roomful of people, so let's come out and celebrate the freedom we have to do just that--without abusing that freedom.

Except the judges. Feel free to boo them. They can take it.





Slam is…


Marc Smith, early slam pioneer:


Bob Holman, activist, poet, and co-founder of Nuyorican Poets’ Café: