The Peal

Welcome to the internet.  This is the place where you can learn anything about everything.  This webpage, specifically, is where you can learn about The Peal.  Our office is in Lower Gladfelter, and visitors are always welcome.  We are open to all of your ideas and suggestions. 

The crew consists of:
Eliza Stokes
Meredith Leigh Payton
Michael Pittard
Emma Post

The boss is:
Gary Hawkins

Our special helper this semester is:
Nathan Poole

We put out an arts & literary magazine, the Peal.  Every semester we get submissions from students, faculty, and staff.  Then we pick the pieces that tickle our fancy and make a magazine out of them. We also design and host events related to the written, spoken, or drawn out word.

Click here for submission guidelines, please!

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