Justice Embracing Peace

Justice Embracing Peace by Antonio Balestra 1666-1740

The Peace and Justice Studies Program at Warren Wilson College was established in 1985. Paul J. Magnarella (Director) --regularly offers Peace and Justice Studies courses and approximately one dozen faculty members offer courses that relate to Peace and Justice Studies. In addition, six faculty members--David Abernathy, John Brock, Susan B. Kask, Lucy Lawrence, David A. Mycoff, and Ed O. Raiola--are affiliated with the Peace and Justice Studies program.

Given the importance of peace to the survival of our planet and its inhabitants, peace studies is an invaluable component of a WWC education. The knowledge and skills our students gain from Peace and Justice Studies courses help them become active, positive contributors to decisions, policies, and leadership in their communities and work places. Peace and Justice Studies fruitfully complements practically any major offered at WWC. However, given the strength of WWC's environmental studies program and the importance of environmental justice to regional and global peace, Peace and Justice Studies and Environment Studies naturally contribute to and benefit from each other.