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Outdoor Leadership Studies
What Can I Do With This Degree?

Program Leadership & Administration

Course Director, Program Coordinator, Department Administrator, Base site Manager, Challenge Course Director, Outing Program Director


Public & Non-Profit Companies such as Nantahala Outdoor Center, Outward Bound, National Outdoor Leadership Center, County Parks, College & Universities, TREK Bicycles, YWCA/YMCA


Be involved with ODL department meetings, newsletter, and conference. Choose an internship in the type of agency where you would like to work and geographically where you would like to apply for your first job. Attend professional meetings and conferences. Join Association for Experiential Education, seek summer work in your chosen area. Apply theories learned in classes to job placements or internships.


Outdoor Leadership and Instruction

Instructor for youth at risk
Instructor for people with disabilities
Instructor for corporate programs
Instructor of outdoor adventure activities


Non- profits such as Outward Bound, Eckard Camps, Project SOAR or State agencies such as Camp Woodson
Non-profits such as Wilderness Inquiry
Private Companies such as Pecos River and ProjectAdventureNOLS, OB, Outdoor Adventure Organizations, Camps, Forest Service, Park Service, State Parks, College or University Outing Programs


Work outdoor summer jobs in camps or other adventure programs
Become involved in rescue organizations
Get outside certifications and additional skill training such as ACA, Search and Rescue, ropes and rock site management
Attend outdoor conferences and workshops
Organize common adventures with peers to gain experience in a variety of activities and settings
Apply theories learned in class


Adventure Travel and Tourism

Adventure Travel Guide
Adventure Travel Program Director
Resort Program Director


Adventure & Eco travel companies such as Mountain Travel/Sobek or Wilderness Travel, Road Less Traveled, Biking Expedition, OB & NOLS Resorts and Hotels


Participate in Warren Wilson World Wide Choose appropriate internship site
Become proficient in another language
Join the Adventure Travel Society
Attend professional meetings and conferences
Apply theories learned in class