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Ed Raiola (Department Chair)
B.A., California St. University - Chico
M.A., University of Northern Colorado
Ph.D., Union Graduate School
Ed considers himself a catalyst: an educator who facilitates opportunities for people to grow, to challenge their expectations and preconceived notions about what they can and cannot do. Ed like's Carl Rogers' statement that "Education is not an end, it is a journey." He believes that all of us need to keep growing and learning in order to make a positive difference here on earth. Ed sees education in general, and outdoor adventure education in particular, helping to shape the attitudes and practices of the public which can encourage people to become responsible choice-makers.
His research and writing interests have focused on outdoor leadership education and experiential education. The past few years Ed has been investigating the role that intention and attention play in quality leadership, and the development and use of intuition for effective judgment and decision making as it relates to leadership.
His vision is to help make Warren Wilson College a national and international center for excellence in the education of people who want to understand and undertake a leadership role in the fields of Outdoor Adventure and Environmental Education.

Marty O'Keefe(Professor)
B.S., M.Ed., St. Lawrence University
Ed.D., Boston University
Marty is an outdoor educator with experience working with a variety of groups in wilderness and classroom settings. She has worked with youth, educators, executives, people with disabilities, and college students, among others. Her background, interests, and expertise include diversity issues, challenge course training, leadership development, and feminist pedagogy.

Mallory McDuff (Professor)
B.S., Vanderbilt University
M.S., University of South Alabama
Ph.D., University of Florida
Mallory has a rich background in environmental education and outdoor adventure pursuits. She has experience in the Central African Republic as an Environmental Education Coordinator in Dzanga-Sangha National Reserve and the Dzanga-N'doki National Park. She has a extensive background in outdoor adventure pursuits, including biking, backpacking and hiking in national parks in central and East Africa, Nepal and the US. She is a marathon runner and triathlete. Her background, interests, and expertise include natural resources conservation issues, the link between environmental education and adventure education, and international issues about environmental impact and adventure tourism.

Anette Black (Professor)
B.S. Loyola University
M.A. Aurora University

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