MUS 257 – Old-Time String Band

Professors: Phil Jamison  Kevin Kehrberg

The Class: This class is for musicians who are proficient on a traditional Appalachian instrument and have had experience playing in an ensemble. Students will work together to form an old-time band that is capable of playing for dances or other performances both on and off campus. Topics will include repertoire, arrangements, starting and endings, tempo, rhythm, lead, back-up, chord choices, singing, dynamics, how to achieve a cohesive band sound, and performance for dances or concerts. Students will meet once each week with the instructor and once each week on their own for a practice session. This course may be repeated, and it may be used for partial fulfillment of the Triad Education Artistic Expression course requirement.

"The Cider Gang" at Shindig on the Green
, Asheville, NC (August 2013)