Music Library Circulation Policy

Loan Period:
All scores may be checked out for up to one term. Due date is usually the last Wednesday of each term.

In special circumstances, with the approval of the applied music instructor, a score may be renewed for an additional term. The score must be restamped at the music library during the first week of the new term.

Overdue Notices:
Overdue notices will be in campus mail the first week of the new term. If the score is not returned within the week, the cost of the book plus a processing fee of $25.00 for each book, payable to the accounting office, will be charged. If the book is returned, you will be reimbursed for the cost of the book, but not the processing fee.

With the consent of the instructor and the Music librarian, a limited number of scores may be borrowed during breaks. These scores must be returned during the first week of the new term.

Any score in circulation that is requested by another borrower will be called in. The original borrower will be allowed to keep the score for four weeks.

Reserve: Materials that are on reserve may usually be checked out for use in the Music Library. Any materials on overnight reserve may be taken out at the close of Music Library hours. They must be returned at the opening of the next day. Reserve policies are established by the members of each class.

Music Education materials:
Student teachers may borrow music education materials for one week.

Popular Music:
The popular sheet music may be borrowed for building use only.

May not be checked out. This is a reference collection that needs to be available to all.

Only non-copyrighted items may be copied.

Music Instruments:
Stringband and orchestral instruments may be borrowed, but only as approved by the ensemble directors.