WWC Gamelan


Professor: Kevin Kehrberg

A gamelan is an orchestra of tuned metal percussion instruments characteristic of Java, Bali, Malaysia and other island cultures in and around Indonesia in Southeast Asia. The Warren Wilson College Gamelan Ensemble is directed by Kevin Kehrberg. Auditions are not required, but students must demonstrate competence in musical ability. The class is an introduction to gamelan performance focusing on either the central Javanese style or the Sundanese (western Java) degung style depending on the semester. The ensemble performs at events both on and off campus. Recent off-campus performances include the Lake Eden Arts Festival (LEAF), Western Carolina University, the White Horse Black Mountain, and school programs for Evergreen Charter School, ArtSpace Charter School, Francine Delany New School for Children, and Isaac Dickson Elementary. Every semester, the ensemble collaborates with Siti Kusujiarti, a professionally trained dancer from Java and professor of sociology at WWC.

Spring 2011 concert:

Baita Kandhas

Udan Mas (Golden Rain)

Singa Nebah (Pouncing Lion)

Bendrong (Burned with Love)