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Vehicle Request Form

Please note the following regarding scheduling and use of your Warren Wilson College Vehicle

  • Departure/return date and time should be when the vehicle is needed NOT in anticipation of Motorpool hours of operation. If your date and/or time will occur during non-working hours Motorpool will take that into consideration and plan accordingly. The Motorpool attemps to maximize the number of trips per vehicle, so if your request is for 4P but you don't need it until 8A the following day, we are not able to allow another trip to use if from 4p to 8A.
  • Keys are no longer permitted to be left in unattended vehicles. So we will NOT be leaving keys in the cupholder. Vehicles will be parked in the usual locations, but keys will have to be picked up at the Motorpool during working days and hours.
  • When the trip is complete, the keys should be placed in either the drop box beside Public Safety at the Ogg building or on the Autoshop door at the back of the FMTS building. The keys should be placed in a drop box within two regular business hours from the completion of the trip.

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