Motorpool Reservations

Last revised by: Idaho from a document prepared by: Paul Braese, Ray Cockrell, and Giny Speaks

November 2, 2010

I.                    General Information

a.       Reservations are for school sanctioned events only.

b.      A staff/faculty member must accompany all student trips over 60 miles one way. This may be waived by completing an exception form from the Motorpool with the requisite approval signatures.

c.      We prefer that a faculty/staff member be in each vehicle. However, if this is not possible then a faculty staff person on the trip may be in an adjacent vehicle and responsible for supervising the general trip. Staff/faculty members on the trip should not travel at a different time but be nearby and available for assistance and or supervision during the actual driving.

d.      Authorized drivers are those persons who have both a state driver’s license and a campus license

 i.    Campus licenses can be obtained from the Motorpool office

ii.    25-passenger buses also require a Commercial Drivers License (CDL), which must be obtained from the DMV.

iii.  Motorpool is unable to provide drivers for rented vehicles.

II.                 All reservations are to be made via our Vehicle Request Form, located on the inside page’s link to Motorpool. Reservations will be confirmed via email.

III.              Cancellations

a.       Inform Motorpool immediately if you cancel a trip.

b.   If we are forced to decline a reservation due to all of our vehicles being previously reserved we will place you on a waiting list and call you to let you know if a reservation has been cancelled and a vehicle has become available.

IV.                  Picking up your vehicle

a.       Please coordinate when you want to pick up your vehicles at least a day in advance and we will make sure you are greeted and served by a Motorpool student or supervisor.   

b.      There will be occasions when vehicles might have to be transferred between users on weekends or picked up at times that Motorpool is closed.  These transfers must be pre-arranged by phone or in person and shall be kept to a minimum.

V.                 Driving Regulations

a.       Seatbelts (where available) must be worn at all times. 

b.      Drivers must limit their driving to no more than 10 hours.  Second drivers should be available for longer trips.

c.      Mountain driving requires special skills.  Downshifting and not riding the brakes protects the brakes from damage.  Driving with the emergency brake engaged causes damage.

d.      The maximum speed for older vans and larger buses is 65 miles per hour. The maximum speed for the newer buses and vans is 70 miles per hour.

e.       When you back-up place a spotter outside of the vehicle to help direct you.

f.     No left foot breaking.

VI.              Accidents and Breakdowns

a.       For any accident or breakdown during work hours please call the Campus Safety 828-771-4357.

b.      Please call campus security for breakdowns that occur after work hours at 828-771-4357.

VII.            Returning the Vehicle

a.      During work hours return the vehicle to the Motorpool parking lot unless other arrangements have been made.

b.       Keys must be returned to one of the following two locations. 

                                                             i.      Dropped through the key drop slot on the exterior door to the Autoshop/Motorpool office.

                                                            ii.    Dropped into the lock box fixed to the wall on lower Ogg outside of Public Safety.

c.       Report all vehicle damage or malfunctions upon return from your trip. 

VIII.         Distance limitations

We can not authorize trips over 1000 miles round trip without submission to the college business manager. If you plan to take a trip more than that distance please notify us well in advance so that we can give you the necessary paperwork for a possible waiver.