Campus Licensing--NEVER drive a large vehicle under Kittredge!




Licensing Procedures

Vehicle (ie Car, Minivan, Pick-up truck)—All driver’s are required to complete an Application and take a Defensive Driver test.



Vehicle Application;


Defensive Driver Test;

Shortly after the above Application has been submitted the licensee will receive an email from "Alert Driver". The email will contain the information needed for the Defensive Driver tutorial and the testing information.


After the Application is received and the licensee scores at least 90% they will receive an email indicating their physical WW license is ready to be picked up from the Motorpool office in the FMTS building.



Golf Cart—All Golf Cart driver’s are required to complete an Application and receive Certification from a Supervisor.


Send an email to ‘’ with the name(s) of the people needing a Golf Cart license.


Golf Cart Application:



A Supervisor must take the licensee on a side-by-side road training in the Golf Cart. Use the link below to access you Campus Web to certify your students for their Golf Cart License.



Large Passenger Van (aka 10/14 passenger vehicles) – All 10/14 Passenger Vehicle drivers must  be at least 19 years old and have had their state driver’s license at least two years, complete an Application, pass the Defensive Driver and Large Passenger Van online tests.

If you meet both the conditions above please comply with the three items below

Large Passenger Vans Licensing process:

1. Send an email to ‘’ with your  campus id indicating you need a Large Passenger Van license. This is required to to be able to review a Large Passenger Van tutorial and take an online test. You will be required to score at least 90%.

2. Complete the vehicle Application, link below. If you have previously completd a Vehicle application this step is not necessary.

3. Send an email to ‘’ with your availability, in two hour blocks of time, for the side-by-side road training. The sessions can take place Monday through Saturday from 9:00a to 6:00p. The side-by-side road training will be facilitated by an outside trainer. Before you are contacted for the side-by-side road training your availability must align with the trainer.

 Thank you,
John V.


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