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 About me

I am Associate Director of Admission here at the college and I work with prospective students from New England and the Mid-Atlantic States as well as all of New York and Tennesee --- yes, Tennesee just to keep me grounded in the south.

Everyday on my way over the hill to work I think to myself that I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world!

We seem to be falling into fall here in the mountains and we in the admission office are enjoying lots of cool mornings followed by brillant blue skies and sunny days. Just a wonderful time of year here in the mountains.

So here is a little about me:

Sunshine, Ocean breezes, being in-around-by-on the water, playing, good coffee (with cream and sugar), Family and Friends (especially my son, Spencer), smiles and laughter, music, good books, quiet days outdoors with some napping and relaxing involved, traveling, and the unknown are a few of the things that make me tick.

Dog Window

A few of my Favorite places (aside from the mountains of Western North Carolina)                      

A few of my Favorite movies                                                            

A few of my Favorite books

A sampling of my Favorite music

Dream Adventures (at the moment)

Sail around the world...actually anything involving the ocean (well, maybe not lots of involvement with large aggressive sharks, box jellyfish and sea snakes). Going to the Galapagos...hiking the Torres del Paine circuit....return to Northern India...