Mathematics Placement Test


EVERY student who has not yet taken the Math Placement Exam and who has not satisfied the General Education Requirement in Mathematics is required to take a Math Placement Exam. This is NOT optional. Our goal is to place our students appropriately.

These exams are available online, through MOODLE, and a student may take as many of these exams as many times as s/he chooses.
Once you begin taking the exam you will be presented with one multiple choice question at a time. You can navigate through the questions by selecting the 'Back' or 'Next' options (near the top left of the page), or you can directly access any question by selecting the appropriate question through the 'Question Menu' (by number).
When you have completed the exam, you should select 'Grade' and note that if you have not answered every question you are offered the opportunity to continue with the exam.
If you do not want to answer any more questions, then simply select 'Grade' again, and you will see your results with messages immediately.
Finally, select 'Quit and Save' (at the top right of the window), and this should return you to your Moodle page.
You can go back to the main page for this course by selecting 'Math Placement' (in the brown location bar near the top of the page) or by using your browser's 'back' option. Upon completion of any exam, the student is immediately apprised of the results (raw score and pass/fail).

Accessing the Math Placement Exams

1) Using Moodle, WWC's Learning Management System

Point your browser to Your (network) login name and password are the same as for your e-mail (without the part). If this is the first time you are accessing Moodle, then you will be asked to fill in some basic information.
Once you've done that, you can click the "WWC Online" or click 'All Courses' button and that should take you to an index of courses by department. Select 'Mathematics and Computer Science' then 'Math Placement' and confirm that you would like to enroll.

2) Once you access the 'Math Placement' course, you can select the 'News Forum' link to access forum topics (posted by Evan Wantland) concerning the Math Placement Exams.

*** Please read these before taking an exam. ***

3) Select the appropriate exam. Once you have selected an exam, you will be prompted to begin. Once you begin, you need to complete the exam in the allotted time. Don't forget to hit 'Submit'.

4) When you complete an exam, use your browser's 'Back' button to return to the Math Placement Course home page. If you are finished, then logout. If you need to take another exam, then go ahead and select the exam and continue.

5) The exam is timed at 40ish minutes, so find a quiet spot with pen and paper, and show us what you know.

You may take these tests at any time and as many times as you want.