Who grows your food?

Approximately 20% of the WWC Food Services budget went toward foods produced and processed locally in the 2011-2012 school year.  Over half of this came from WWC Farm, Garden, and to a limited extent, Forest.   About 3% came directly from farms in WNC.  The remaining ~42% was split almost evenly between Mountain Food Prouducts, a local produce distributor committed to the local food movement, and Sysco, whose whole pork products and sweet potatoes are raised and processed almost exclusively in the Carolinas.  While most of our milk products are produced, processed, and distributed within about a 750 mile radius, we are trying to find a supplier that is a bit closer to home before considering them truely "local"

Leeks and Scales

Put a face with your food:

Learn about some of the people and places (besides our own farm) that have provided food for WWC Dining Services in the past year..


Kirstein Orchards & Honey [Interview] (Ray Kirstein, page 2)

Sunny Creek Farm - Tryon, NC (sprouts)  [Profile]    [Website]

Apple Wedge Packers & Cider, Edneyville, NC (apples)    [Profile]     [Website]

Hoots Farm

Perez Farm