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Using EndNote Web

First, you need to set up an account with EndNote. This is simple, and free. Go to EndNote Web ( Click "Sign Up," and fill out the registration information. Now, you are ready to begin collecting references. Generally, you will be searching in one of our databases and will find articles that you want to collect citations for. Each of the databases allows you to do this, though the process isn't always exactly the same. The chart below will give you some tips for using some of the more common databases.

After you have exported the citation from the database to EndNote Web, you will need to collect it in EndNote (unless the database allows a "direct export." To do so, choose the main tab, "Collect," then "Import References." Locate the file to collect, and then use the tips below concerning the filter to select.

Ebsco (e.g., Academic Search) &

Biological Abstracts

When exporting, use the "Direct Export to EndNote Web " option. You should have your browser logged into your EndNote Web account also.
Proquest (e.g., Proquest Research Library) "Mark" the article you want to export, click the "My Research" tab, click "Export Citations," and choose "Export directly to EndNote." In EndNote, select the filter for Proquest.
WilsonWeb (e.g., OmniFile) Select "Export," then "Download Records into..." and select "The EndNote Filter." In EndNote, use the "WilsonWeb" filter.
JSTOR When exporting, select the "EndNote" option. In EndNote, choose the filter "AARP." Because there is a bug with JSTOR working with EndNote Web, the complete citation will usually not appear in EndNote. So, you can "edit" the information for the citation in EndNote Web by copying and pasting the information from the downloaded file (open it using WordPad or some other word processor).
OCLC (FirstSearch) Choose "Export," then "EndNote." In EndNote, select the filter of the database name you are using(e.g., GEOBASE).

After you have exported the citations from a database, you will go into EndNote Web and import them into your folder of references. You can create different folders for different papers that you are working on. In EndNote, select the "Collect" tab and then choose "Import References." Select the correct import filter as described in the table above, and then click "Import."

After you have imported references, you can format them in a wide variety of styles, edit them if necessary, and prepare them for use in your paper. There are also good "Help" pages within EndNote--look for the Help link in the upper-right of any page to get detailed help on features.