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Sociology Web Resources

Aging in a Social Contextoutline for a course in the sociology of aging, includes excellent annotated links to data and texts on the situations of the elderly in the US.
Allyn & Bacon Sociology Linksthis major publisher of sociology texts provides a nice topical guide to sociological topics on the net, including (don't miss this) Research Methods.
Archival Data Online Repositorywill be a major source of important historical and social science data. Already includes data on US civil disorders, 1961-68, Russian and French bureaucracies of 18th and 19th centuries, and several other studies.
Centre for Applied Social Surveys Question Bankan immense file of social science survey questions.
Dead Sociologists Societybiographies of famous sociologists, with summaries of their work and ideas.
Index to Sociology Resources on the Web
InterUniversity Consortium for Political and Social Research
Poll Item Databasesee how other people have phrased survey questions on the subjects you are designing surveys for. Keyword searchable.
Public Anthropologycontains e-journals, a book series, a collection of writings and statements by distinguished anthropologists, and an archive of article summaries from "American Anthropologist" dating back to 1888.
Princeton Survey Research Centera guide to sites that present survey data or deal with survey methodology.
Research Resources for the Social Sciences
Resources for Social Researchers
Social Science Data Archivesprovides links to a wide variety of topics and in the "About Databases" portion expedites access to massive information not available in traditional formats.
Social Science Data Collections
Social Statistics Briefing Roomgovernment demographic, health, education, and crime statistics in brief, arranged for ease of use by non-statisticians.
Sociological tour through Cyberspacegreat list of sites, fully annotated, but also essays on sociology theory and practice.
Sociology Indexes, Abstracts, Bibliographies, and Table of Contents Services
Sociology of Death and Dyingextensive text files and statistical files, on topics like how we die, genocide, hospices, death and the military (including an extensive file on effects of radiation during the cold war).
SocioNeta searchable index of over 350 datasets, useful for research in political science, sociology, psychology, social work and education.
World Wide Web Virtual Library: Indigenous Studiesthis site presents an astounding collection of links to sites by and about indigenous nations around the world.
Yahoo Index to Sociology Sites

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