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SOC 402: Sociology/Anthropology Research Craft

Selected Library Books

Title Call Number
Designing and Conducting Ethnographic Research / LeCompte (1999)305.80072 L465d
Doing Oral History: A Practical Guide / Ritchie (2003)907.2 R598d
Essential Ethnographic Methods: Observations, Interviews, and Questionnaires / Schensul (1999)305.80072 S324e
The Ethnographer's Toolkit / Schensul (1999)305.80072 E84
(7 vols.)
Ethnographic Methods / O'Reilly (2005)View this book
Ethnographic Writing Research: Writing It Down, Writing It Up, and Reading It / Bishop (1999)305.80072 B622e
Expressions of Ethnography: Novel Approaches to Qualitative Methods / Clair (2003)View this book
The Focus Group Kit / Morgan (1998)001.433 F652
(6 vols.)
Focus Group Practice / Puchta (2004)300.723 P977f
Feminism and Method: Ethnography, Discourse Analysis, and Activist Research / Naples (2003305.42072 N215f
Handbook of Interview Research: Context & Method / Gubrium (2002)158.39 H236
Handbook of Methods in Cultural Anthropology / Bernard (1998)305.80072 H236
Handbook of Mixed Methods in Social & Behavioral Research / Tashakkori (2003) 300.72 H236
Handbook of Research Design & Social Measurement / Miller R 300.72 M647h 2002
Learning in the Field: An Introduction to Qualitative Research / Rossman (2003) 300.72 R837L
Liberating Method: Feminism and Social Research / DeVault (1999)305.401 D488L
Practical Research Methods: A User-friendly Guide to Mastering Research Techniques and Projects / Dawson (2002) View this book
Practical Research: Planning and Design / Leedy (2005)001.4 L484p
Qualitative Research Interviewing: Biographic Narrative and Semi-structured Methods / Wengraf (2001)300.723 W474q
Recording Oral History: A Guide for the Humanities and Social Sciences / Yow (2005) 907.2 Y83r 2005
Research Practice for Cultural Studies: Ethnographic Methods and Lived Cultures / Gray (2003)305.80072 G778r
SPSS for Intermediate Statistics: Use and Interpretation / Leech (2005)View this book
SPSS for Introductory Statistics: Use and Interpretation / Morgan (2004)View this book
"Stretching" Exercises for Qualitative Researchers / Janesick (2004)300.72 J33s
Social Sciences
Anthropology, By Comparison / Gingrich (2002)View this book
Blackwell Dictionary of Sociology: A User's Guide to Sociological Language / JohnsonR 301.03 J66b 2000
Class in America: An Encyclopedia / Weir (2007)R 305.50973 C614 2007
3 vols.)
Cultural Anthropology / Jacoby R 306.03 J17c 2007
Dictionary of the Social Sciences / Calhoun R 300.3 D554 2002
Encyclopedia of Community: From the Village to the Virtual World / ChristensenR 307.03 E56 2003(4 vols.)
Encyclopedia of Sociology / BorgattaR 301.03 E56
2000 (5 vols.)
Ethical Dilemmas in Feminist Research: The Politics of Location, Interpretation, and Publication / Kirsch (1999) View this book
Ethnography Unbound: From Theory Shock to Critical Praxis / Brown (2004)View this book
Feminist Anthropology: Past, Present, and Future / Geller (2006)301.082 F329g
Handbook of Ethnography / Atkinson (2001)305.8001 H236
Handbook of the Arts in Qualitative Research: Perspectives, Methodologies, Examples, and Issues / Knowles (2008)300.72 K73h
International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences / Smelser R 300.3 I61 2001
(26 vols.)
International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences / Darity (2007)View this book
Redefining Culture: Perspectives across the Disciplines / Baldwin (2006) 306.01 R 314
Reflexive Ethnography: A Guide to Researching Selves and Others / Davies (2002)View this book
Small Places, Large Issues: An Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology / Eriksen (2001)View this book
The Social Science Encyclopedia / Kuper R 300.3 S678
2004 (2 vols)
Writing Literature Reviews: A Guide for Students of the Social and Behavioral Sciences / Galvan (2006)300.72 G182w
Writing up Qualitative Research / Wolcott (2001)808.0666 W913w

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