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Tips for Reserves

  • Please use the online reserves form for all your requests. We need to know for which class the materials are, for how long students can check them out, and how to contact you should we have questions.

  • Use ring binders for joumal articles. We can process a ring binder quickly, even if it is empty. When you decide on the reading, you can just slip the article into the binder. You can update the binder as many times during the semester as you want. It will be available to your students without delay.

  • Please wait to tell your students that materials are on reserve until after you have brought them to the library and given us time to process them.
  • What follows is the full reserves policy. If you have any questions, please ask BK.

    Reserves can be any materials that teachers wish to have available to students in the library. These items may be placed on reserve for the term, or the entire semester. They are listed in the library catalog under the instructor's last name and by course number. The library offers three different circulation options for reserves; 3 Hour, Overnight or 3 Day. Three hour reserves may not leave the building and are helpful when a number of students all need access to the same book or movie. Overnight reserves are the same as a three hour reserve until less than three hours before library closing. At that point they may leave the building and are due before 9 a.m. the next day. Three day reserves are useful for field guides, items that are used by fewer students or for long readings.

    To request placement of an item into the reserves system, go to the Library Home page and click on "Library Servicesl" Then click on "Reserves" and you will find a link to the reserve request form. Information submitted will go directly to the circulation department inbox. If the library owns the books, simply give us the information and we will get the books and process them. With personal items, hll out the same form and bring the items to the circulation desk. Teachers often need to put a variety of articles on reserve for a course and we have found that a three ring binder with the various articles in it works well. More information can be added to the existing reserve binder as needed. We can even add an empty binder before classes begin and teachers can provide the actual articles right before the class. With larger classes a few copies of the binders can be made available.

    The reserves system is here to provide students with access to required readings. We ask that professors do not tell students that materials are available until they are actually here. Please place requests as soon as you know which materials are needed. Before the semester begins we can usually process requests the same day. Once classes begin we will need a few days to actually add all of the items into the computer system. We want to help! Please feel free to ask for more information or help at the library or phone 3064. Information about copyright is also available on the library website.

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