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Philosophy Web Resources

Aesthetics Onlinearticles, bibliographies, teaching resources, links to related sites, and more.
BEARSBrown Electronic Article Review Service, a bibliography and review of journal articles in moral and political philosophy.
A Biographical Dictionary of Ancient, Medieval, and Modern Freethinkers
BUBL Link: Philosophy an annotated catalog of internet resources in philosophy.
Epistime Linksincludes links to e-texts, journals, papers, and even philosophical humor.
Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophythis scholarly effort explains each term at some length, with a bibliography (but not a webliography); there is also a timeline of philosophy, a selection of clickable texts, and a keyword search capability. A work in progress, with philosophers being invited to contribute entries.
Jobs in Philosophy
Noesisa philosophy search engine that looks for peer-reviewed material.
Philosophical Dictionary
Philosophical Gourmet Reporta ranking of American philosophy programs, with general information about graduate study in philosophy.
Philosophy in Cyberspacewon the Digital Librarian's Award for excellence. Includes topical links (aesthetics, logic, etc), text-links, discussion forums, and more.
The Pragmatism Cybraryan excellent online resource for "America's Native Philosophy."
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophya work in progress. Currently has about 500 articles available. You can also see what other terms it plans to include in the future.

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