Pew Learning Center & Ellison Library



  • Will you be using our desktop computer or bringing your own laptop or other device?

  • If your own, do you need any cabling other than the supplied VGA cable in McGuire? If so, please bring the cables with you, as we do not have every possible adapter that may be required.

  • If using our desktop, what software do you require? If you need software that is not already on that computer, we suggest that you bring your own laptop, or arrange with Computing Services well ahead of time to have the software installed.
  • We strongly suggest that you come to McGuire to test the equipment and software that you will be using in advance (even if connecting your own equipment to our projector). David O. Bradshaw in the library can assist you with this. Please contact him to schedule a time (at least a day ahead of the event is suggested). David's phone number is 771-3059 and his email is


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