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Note: In order to submit an ILL request, your library account must be in good standing. Also, before you fill out this form, make sure that you have checked our Periodical Holdings to see if WWC has the article.

Please provide complete information, including the ISSN if possible (you can often get this number from the citation, or, it is available in WorldCat (here if you are off-campus). You can copy and paste information into this form. Fields marked with * are required. If you need more space for titles or other information, use the box labeled "any additional information?"

Please contact the reference desk if you have questions (771-3035).

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To request another article, hit the BACK button on your browser after submitting this request--you can then edit the Article Information fields and retain your Borrower Information.

Questions about your request? Call (x 3062) or e-mail the Interlibrary Loan Office.

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