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WRI 142

Instructor: Lockie Hunter

The Swing Voter. By: Stein, Joel, Time, 0040781X, 8/18/2008 , Vol. 172, Issue 7

THE STRAWBERRY GIRLS. Preview By: Hull , Anne. New Yorker , 8/11/2008 , Vol. 84 Issue 24, p36-44, 9p, 1 color; ( AN 33540569 )

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Big Coal's Campaign of Lies. Goodell, Jeff. Rolling Stone, 0035791X, 8/7/2008 , Issue 1058

Killer Buds. Preview By: Rodrick, Stephen. Rolling Stone, 8/7/2008 Issue 1058, p83-87, 4p; ( AN 33442150 )

Are Things Getting a Little Violent? Marche, Stephen. Esquire, 01949535, Aug2008, Vol. 150, Issue 2

Why You're Reading This. Preview Esquire , Aug2008, Vol. 150 Issue 2, p66-67, 2p; ( AN 33156374 )

Ding-Dong The Witch (Jesse Helms) is Dead! Sicha, Choire. Journal Name: Advocate ( Los Angeles , Calif .) Source : Advocate ( Los Angeles , Calif .) no. 1013 ( August 26 2008 ) p. 30-1 Publication Year:2008

Turning a New Leaf, Bob Balmer. Smithsonian . Washington : Nov 2007 . Vol. 38 , Iss . 8; pg. 124, 1 pgs

Who's Fueling Whom? Richard Conniff. Smithsonian. Washington: Nov 2007. Vol. 38, Iss. 8; pg. 109, 7 pgs

Playing the God Card. Preview By: NICHOLS, JOHN. Nation, 12/31/2007, Vol. 285 Issue 22, p4-5, 2p; ( AN 27875929 )

Impeach Bush Now. Preview By: HOLTZMAN, ELIZABETH. Nation, 7/21/2008, Vol. 287 Issue 3, p5-6, 2p; ( AN 32954804 )

Blame everyone but Russia. Victor Davis Hanson, SPECIAL TO THE WASHINGTON TIMES. Washington Times, The (DC) August 22, 2008 , COMMENTARY: A25.

Haggling should be an Olympic Sport. Dave Barry, Miami Herald

Sarah's Secret Diary. Maureen Dowd. NY Times. July 7, 2009. (A version of this article appeared in print on July 8, 2009, on page A25 of the New York edition.)

Sweet Tweet Revenge. Maureen Dowd. NY Times. July 11, 2009.

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Mellow out or you will pay: Why the Helen Thomas case makes one nervous. David Harsanyi. Denver Post. Posted 06/09/2010

Truth and irony in the Ag Department fiascos. Jim Hightower. Tulsa World

God changes with the weather. Garrison Keillor. Salon. Tuesday, Dec 29, 2009.

What is the meaning of meat eating? Francis Lam. Salon. Aug 18, 2010.

My Radical Grocery store Rebellion. Francis Litzinger. Salon. Aug 19, 2010.

Horse as Main Course. Luke Meinzen. Food traditions. Aug 18, 2010.

Converse Welcome, But Not Required. By Tisa Shoup. Huffington Post. Aug 19, 2010

Depth Perception: Venture below the surface of a local lake to discover a world of sunken weirdness. Melissa Smith. WNC Magazine. August 2010.

Tick Check: A ballsy tick goes boldly where no man has gone before. Graham Averill. Blue Ridge Outdoors. Aug 1, 2010.

Making Geek Chic: Can tech crafting outfit more girls for technology?. Tammy Oler. Bitch Magazine Social Commentary.

Defining Local: Although interest in locally produced food is on the rise, the definition of "local" is still fuzzy.Rachael Brugger. Urban Farm Magazine. July 15, 2010.

Ain't I a Mommy? Deesha Philyaw. 2008 Bitch magazine Books.

Top of the Pops: Justin Bieber's a lesbian hair icon--or is it the other way around? Jonanna Widner. Bitch Magazine 2010 music.

National Murder Day. Tom Matlack. Huffington Post. Aug 19, 2010.

The Very Secret Diary of Aragorn, Son of Arathorn.

"When Your Dorm Goes green and Local". Charles Wilson. NY Times Magazine. Sept 25, 2009