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HIS 230 – Women in American History

Instructor: Ruth Currie

1. Anne Hutchinson biography and trial transcript, 1637

2. The Declaration of Sentiments, Seneca Falls Conference, 1848

3. What Was the Appeal of Moral Reform to Antebellum Northern Women, 1835-1841?

4. Why Did African-American Women Join the Woman's Christian Temperance Union, 1880-1900?

5. How Did Florence Kelley's Campaign against Sweatshops in Chicago in the 1890s Expand Government Responsibility for Industrial Working Conditions?

6. How Did Gender and Class Shape the Age of Consent Campaign Within the Social Purity Movement, 1886-1914?

7. Why Did Congressional Lobbying Efforts Fail to Eliminate Contraception from Obscenity Laws, 1916-1937?

8. Beyond the Feminine Mystique: A Reassessment of Postwar Mass Culture, 1946- 1958, by Joanne Meyerowitz. The Journal of American History, Vol. 79, No. 4. (Mar., 1993), pp. 1455-1482.

9. National Organization for Women, Statement of Purpose (1966)