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* Note: If you want to access these articles from off-campus, there are some extra steps that you will need to take. First, go to the Magazines & Journals link, choose WWC Periodical Holdings, and search for the journal title. Note the database that the journal appears in. From the library home page, mouseover the Articles & Databases link (choose "Off-Campus Users"), select the database, and then you can search for the particular article. If you need the off-campus username and password, call the library (771-3035) or e-mail David Bradshaw.
BIO 102 - Field Natural History (Amy Boyd)
BIO 377 - Evolutionary Biology (Amy Boyd)
ECO - Economics Courses (Susan Kask)
FRS 108 - Problem Solving (Gretchen Whipple)
FRS 131 - Theatre Outside Theatre (Graham Paul)
HIS 230 - Women in American History (Ruth Currie)
HIS 340 – Conflict and Community in Early America (Philip Otterness)
SOC 251 - Societies in Southeast Asia (Siti Kusujiarti)
SOC 394 - Disaster and Society (Siti Kusujiarti)
SOC 402 - Sociology/Anthropology Research Craft (Siti Kusujiarti)
WRI 120 - What Does it Mean to be Animal? (Brian Knopp)
WRI 142 - Intro. to Writing for the Media (Lockie Hunter)
WRI 290 - Feature Writing (Lockie Hunter)

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