Dissertations by WWC Faculty, Staff, and Administrators

The following dissertations by current WWC individuals are available at the Library.
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David Abernathy Bound to succeed: science, territoriality and the emergence of disease eradication in the Panama Canal Zone University of Washington 362.10972875 A146b
Erin Amason MonteroThe construction of blackness in Honduran cultural productionUniversity of New Mexico860.997283 A468c
Paul Bartels Polygyny and the reproductive biology of the Argentine antUniversity of California 595.796 B283p
Melissa Blair Women's organizations and grassroots politics : Denver, Durham, and Indianapolis, 1960-1975 University of Virginia 320.0820973 B635w
Amy Boyd Evolution of floral traits: biogeography, pollination biology and phylogenetics in Macromeria viridiflora University of Arizona575.6 B789e
David J. Bradshaw The "sister horns": the dynamics of stoicism in Wordsworth's poetryYale University821.7 W926Ybra
Mark Brenner Effects of the road deicing compound calcium magnesium acetate on aquatic ecosystemsUniversity of Washington577.6 B838e
John Brock The effects of chronic cocaine on measures of dopamine synthesis Emory University 612.822 B864e
Kathryn Burleson Social comparisons at gifted schools for the arts: qualifications for the big fish little pond effect University of California 371.95 B961s
Julie Levin CaroRooted in the community: black middle class identity performance in the early works of Allan Rohan Crite, 1935-1948University of Texas at Austin 704.0396073092 C934c
Steve Cartier Metallocarbohedrenes and binary metal metallocarbohedrenes: formation mechanisms, structures, stabilities and ionization dynamics Pennsylvania State University 547.05 C327m
Christey Carwile Sweet mothers: feminine forms of power in Nigeria Southern Illinois University 305.4209669 C331s
John Casey Knowledge, belief, and evidence University of Iowa 121.6 C338k
Ali Climo Generativity, eldercare and women's midlife well-beingUniversity of Michigan 362.6 C639g
David Coffey Characterizing the local optoelectronic performance of organic solar cells with scanning-probe microscopyUniversity of Washington530.4175 C674c
Robert Eckstein Grooming in the domestic cat in flea-infested and ectoparasite-free environments University of California 591.563 E19g
David EllumDemographic patterns and disturbance responses of understory vegetation in a managed forest of southern New England: implications for sustainable forestry and biodiversity maintenanceYale University333.750974 E47d
Benjamin Feinberg A Toyota in Huautla: metacultural discourse in the Sierra Mazateca of Oaxaca, Mexico University of Texas 306.097274 F299t
Sally Fischer Merleau-Ponty: embodied subjectivity and the foundation of ethics Marquette University 194 M564Yf
Paula Garrett Prodigal daughters and pilgrims in petticoats: Grace Greenwood and the tradition of American women's travel writing Louisiana State University 818.4 G816Yg
Warren Gaughan An analysis of George Rochberg's Carnival music, suite for piano solo Arizona State University 780.92 R672g
Dongping Han The unknown Cultural Revolution: educational reforms and their impact on China's rural development, 1966-1976 Brandeis University 370.951 H233u
Gary Hawkins Paradise for the rest of us University of Houston 811.6 H393p
Jeffrey Holmes A genetic and cytological analysis of basal body autonomy in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii University of Colorado 572.829832 H751g
Rebecca HornungWhiteness in social work education: authentic white alliesArizona State University362.8400973 H816w
Carol Howard From the harem to the plantation: freedom, virtue, and slavery in Restoration and eighteen-century British women's literature Columbia University 820.99287 H848f
Annie Jonas Practices of two experiential teachers in secondary public schools in an era of accountability Western Carolina University 373.110209756 J76p
Dean Kahl Proton transfer reactions of weak acids in dimethyl sulfoxide Stanford University 541.393 K12p
Susan Kask The economics of irrigation technology choice and instream flows University of Wyoming 333.91309787 K19e
Martha Knight-Oakley Recall of self-referent information as a function of affective assessment, self-esteem, and self-awareness Purdue University 155.2 K72r
Siti Kusujiarti Hidden power in gender relations among Indonesians: a case study in a Javanese village, Indonesia University of Kentucky 305.3095982 K97h
Kypriotis, ChrisInterest group subsidization of congressional work: a theory of interest group influence through legislative committeesOhio University 328.73078 K99i
Lucy Lawrence Collinsville: an ethnographic instrumental case study of social capital University of Alabama 302.4 L421c
Laura LengnickThe effect of tillage and nitrogen source on seasonal nitrogen dynamics in corn: field observation and model simulation Pennsylvania State University633.1589 L566e
Paul Magnarella Tradition and change in a modernizing Turkish town: a study of kinship and the family Harvard University Microfilm 306.09562 M196t
Langdon MartinDevelopment of lanthanide-binding tags (LBTs) as powerful and versatile peptides for use in studies of proteins and protein interactionsMassachusetts Institute of Technology572.65 M381d
Mallory McDuff A model for participatory evaluation of environmental education programs: promoting success at the Wildlife Clubs of Kenya University of Florida 363.70096762 M139m
Michael Matin Securing Britain: figures of invasion in Late-Victorian and Edwardian fiction Columbia University 828.91209 M433s
David Moore Late Prehistoric and Early Historic period aboriginal settlement in the Catawba Valley, North CarolinaUniversity of North Carolina970.3 C357m
Jennifer L. MozolicReducing distractibility in healthy older adultsWake Forest University 612.67 M939r
David Mycoff A critical edition of the legend of Mary Magdalene from Caxton's Golden legend of 1483 University of Rochester 809.93522 M996c
Martha O'Keefe An assessment of freshman wilderness orientation programs in higher education: a descriptive Delphi studyBoston University796.50711 O41a
Philip Otterness The unattained Canaan: the 1709 Palatine migration and the formation of German society in colonial America University of Iowa 973.2 O89u
Angela Phillips Representing female resistance in Gautier, Barbey d'Aurevilly, Echenoz and Sebbar University of North Carolina 840.8 P558r
Edward Raiola Outdoor wilderness education: a leadership curriculum Union Graduate School 796.5071 R159o
Catherine Reid Two Novellas: Island Ash and The Father Florida State University F R353t
Holly Rosson Theta series of quaternion algebras over function fields Dartmouth College 512.74 R838t
Samuel Scoville The domestic motif in Hawthorne: a study of the house, the family, and the home in his works Duke University 818.3 H399Ys
Steven Solnick Growing pains: youth policies and institutional collapse in the former Soviet UnionHarvard University 305.2350947 S688g
Robert Swoap The effects of anxiety on swimming performance University of Florida 797.20019 S979e
Laura VanceAdventism in crisis: a sociological analysis of Seventh-day Adventism with emphasis on the relationship between gender and sectarian change Simon Fraser University 286.73209 V222a
Evan Wantland Edge-colorings, factorization, embeddings and connectivity Auburn University 511.6 W251e
Gretchen Whipple Totally ordered monoids Louisiana State University 512.2 W573t
Julie WilsonDiversity in solidarity: student action with farmworkers' archive of intern writing (1995-2005) University of North Carolina 371.3708863 W749d

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