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Art Web Resources

Art Education
Art Studio Chalkboardresources on the technical fundamentals of painting and drawing.
Art Teacher Connectionpages that clarify what the National Art Education standards are and how they could be integrated into other content areas.
ArtsEdNetfrom the Getty Museum, a collection of lesson plans, curriculum ideas, and forums.
Bibliography on Color Theorya chronological listing of treatises, books, articles, dissertations, from Aristotle up to the present.
College Art Associationincludes newsletters, upcoming conferences, publications, job opportunities, grant info.
Incredible Art Departmentlesson plans for k-12 and college, links to displays of art work by students, the "art site of the week."
OnLine Instruction, Art and Art History
Events and Competitions
Art Deadlines List – announcements of competitions.
Arts Wire – info on grants and jobs for artists, what's going on at local arts councils, more.

Exhibits, Galleries, Museums
Africa: the Art of a Continentgorgeous art and text from an exhibition at the Guggenheim museum.
American Museum of Photographyvisit individual exhibits, take a guided tour, or pick up technical information, such as how to preserve photographs.
Art & Archaeology from the Perseus Projectincludes over 33,000 images and descriptions of buildings, sculpture, coins and other works of ancient art.
Art Crimesone of the largest collections ever assembled of graffiti, which is to say, graffiti as anonymous art.
the Artchivea collection of over 2200 beautifully realized digitized reproductions of classic art.
Art Guide"a comprehensive guide to the art collections of Great Britain and Ireland. The site is divided into three main sections, allowing users to browse for exhibits by artist, museum, or geographic location.
Art Linksgalleries and exhibits on the web.
Asian Art Exhibitions
Asian Art on the Weban index.
Christus Rexa site for Christian art and documents.
CultureFinderfeatures listings for over 350,000 events in more than 1500 cities nationally.
ExCalendar: the Official Exhibition Calendar of the World's Leading Art Museumssearchable by museum, artist, city or geographical area, or name of exhibit.
Fractal Gallery
Graphion's OnLine Type Museum
Internet Art Resourcesinfo on galleries, exhibits, museums, etc.
Musei Vaticania religiously oriented tour of the Vatican collection.
Museum of Modern Art
Museum of Photographic Arts
Museums: World Wide Art Resources
MythMediaa collection of depictions of mythical figures in western art.
National Gallery of Art Virtual Tour
National Portrait Gallery
Virtual Tour of Museums and Exhibitslinks to many museums that have online guided tours.
WebMuseum, Parisincludes the "Famous Paintings Exhibition," covering Gothic art to modern art, with a glossary of painting styles.
Indexes to Art Resources
Annotated Index of Web Sites on Modernism
Art History Links
Art History Networkallows you to access the information by era, artists, or civilizations, but also by journals, images and virtual tours, discussion groups, etc.
Art History Research Centre
Artcyclopediaview artists' works, searchable by artist's name, title of work, or museum name.
Artsourcea thorough and well-organized index to art resources.
FineArt Foruma comprehensive guide to art resources, with especially good links to online journals.
Internet as a Research Medium for Art Historiansan extended essay on method, with numerous excellent links.
NetSerfa guide to medieval art sources.
Sculptor.Orga master site for sculptors, with over 3000 links for suppliers, sculptors, preservation, galleries, museums, technique.
World Art Treasuresa collection of over 100,000 slides.

Individual Artists
Artnetweba space for artists that includes a slide registry and brief biographical sketches.
AXIS: for information on visual artistsinformation on contemporary British visual artists.
Art Forumincludes links to many artists' homepages. Also offers free web sites to artists.
Photography Sites
American Museum of Photographyvisit individual exhibits, take a guided tour, or pick up technical information, such as how to preserve photographs.
Charles Daney's Photography Links
Helios: National Museum of American Art Photography Onlinethe photography site for the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Art. It also links to another NMAA exhibit about daguerreotypes.
History of Photography from Its Beginnings to the 1920's
International Center of Photographya museum, a photography school, and a center for photography.
Museum of Photographic Artthe museum houses some of the world's finest examples of photography across the decades of change in the medium.
Photographic Librariesan online library of web sites related to all aspects of photography.
Reflections in Black: a History of Black Photographersthis Smithsonian exhibition of black photographers from 1840 to the present is a pictorial history of black Americans as photography was evolving.
Other Useful Sites
Aesthetics Onlinearticles, bibliographies, teaching resources, links to related sites.
Alternative Careers for Art Historians
American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works
Art and Architecture Thesaurus Browser
ArtJob.Orgjobs and internships in the visual arts. Requires registration.
ArtLexa dictionary of art terminology, especially for art students elementary through undergraduate.
Arts Journala daily digest of arts and cultural journalism.
Association for Art Historyincludes job listings.
Himalayan Artexhibits and catalogs Himalayan and Tibetan art from collections around the world.
Words of Art – a glossary of critical terms.
Worldwide Books Exhibition Catalogs and Books on Arta commercial site that allows you to identify over 35,000 exhibition catalogs and art books, many of which would be difficult to trace otherwise.

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